Vacuum Casting

What is Vacuum Casting?

This process is used to produce a short production run or duplicate products. Using the part produced via CNC, SLA or SLS as a master mold to produce a silicon rubber mold.

This silicon rubber mold is used in via vacuum casting to produce acurate duplicates of the original products. RTV equipment has several advantages including high production speeds, high levels of accuracy (including the surface finish) and much lower costs. We are able to duplicate the product in a range of different materials, PU, PP, PC, ABS etc. We have 4 Vacuum Machines with a maximum size of 1000mmx800mmx800mm

It is a casting process for elastomers using a vacuum to draw the liquid material into the mold. The process starts by placing two pieces silicon mold in a vacuum chamber. The raw material is mixed and degassed and then poured into the mold .

Firstly, a master model is made by CNC or SLA and polished to the final surface finish of the part for Silicone Rubber Mold making. Normally, one Silicone Rubber Mold can produce up to about 20 parts and it depends on the design complexity of the part and casting material. Many materials with simulant properties of real engineering plastic materials are available for vacuum casting. The casting part can be colored in the mold cavity to avoid painting, and specific Shore hardness of rubber part is available as per requirements.

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